Pattern Making UK are a group of Highly Skilled Pattern/Plug Makers, we have over 30 years experience in Composite Tooling. Using Traditional and Modern techniques to produce quality bespoke wooden patterns/plugs and Fibreglass/GRP moulds for the GRP/fibreglass Industry. From our workshop based in East Sussex we design and manufacture engineering standard Wooden Patterns/plugs for clients across a broad range of industries.

Andy Cox leads our team sharing his 30 years plus of Pattern Making, Composite Mould Making and Site installation experience. 

Since 1987 he has worked for some of the most innovative Composite Tooling companies on the south coast.

Andy's site experience has taken him all over the world, including China, Egypt and Europe to name a few.  

We have worked on many projects over those years including Aerospace, Motorsport/F1, Marine/Boat Building, Architectural, Commercial/Military Flight Simulation.

View our Gallery to see just a small sample of what has been and can be achieved. 

Over the last 30 years we have worked on many Fibreglass/GRP projects. Working closely along side our clients through the Fibreglass Pattern/Plug Making, Fibreglass/GRP tooling process and manufacturing of GRP/Fibreglass products, including installation.

From an idea, technical/CAD drawing we use traditional methods to construct master patterns to clients requirements. 

Once the pattern has been prepared by our Pattern Makers with a spray application high build paint it can go on to the Composite Moulding process. 

Using our extensive knowledge of fibreglass/GRP Tooling we can accommodate complex shapes using multi part moulds or simple one piece moulds. 

No matter how complicated the shape Pattern Making UK can produce it! 

   Why Traditional Patterns?

  • Costs reduced from expensive CNC patterns

  • Modifications and amendments can be made quicker

  • Surfaces can be created that CNC machining can’t

  • Extremely accurate and fast turnaround

Pattern Making UK also has many contacts in the composite tooling industry so if CNC machined patterns are something you require we can source this for you.


  • Consultancy and design assistance

  • Traditional and CNC milled patterns, (3 and 5 Axis)

  • Pattern preparation

  • Flanging for multi part mouldings

  • Mould design and tooling 

  • GRP mouldings and fabrications

  • Metal work and fabrication 

  • Guidance on material selection

With every project, no matter how large or small, we aim to provide patterns at unbeatable quality standards, at competitive prices and to meet your requirements on time.

Pattern Making UK
Pattern Making UK
Pattern Making UK
Pattern Making UK
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